- The House Duhard philosophy -

The basics

The Caves Duhard have a rich history. Since 500 years, generations of men and women have worked in this spot dedicated to French wine and gastronomy. The collection from 1874 to nowadays) of vouvray wines is the proof of this legacy.

The wine’s world seems to be huge and complex. Furthermore, oenologists and sommeliers often use technical words hard to understand, such as : nervous, tannic, minerality, legs, balance… A vocabulary needing simple explanations to understand better the fascinating wine’s world. It appears fundamental to us to be pedagogic, simple and humble to share our knowledge with you, learning about wine being long, like learning how to paint or playing music.

We are truly passionate about wine and food, we consider that wine is before anything else PLEASURE, that some wines are GASTRONOMIC wines, and that very few of them are EMOTIONAL wines.

We wish to welcome everybody :

Professionals (cooks, sommeliers, oenologists, caves owners, producers) honoring us from visiting and taking part of enriching our personal knowledge.

Individuals : you will discover and learn about wine through our two different tours (Sensorial and Vintages Odyssey), you will understand how to taste and how to pair wines. To keep on experiencing tasting, join our Oeno-Gastronomic Club : 16 ateliers per year with pairing wines and chocolate, truffles, foie gras…Ateliers limited to 20 people in the Caves, but accessible on-line through our Facebook account. You can participate wherever you are

Kids are also welcome in the Caves Duhard ! With their family or with their school (primary schools, middle schools, college, university…) we are pleased to entertain them and make them discover their own taste !

The Caves Duhard : meeting point between History, Art, Wine and Gastronomy

The Romans were apparently the firsts to plant vines nearby Nantes 2000 years ago. But the history of our vineyards is related with the expansion of Christianism, ever since the 4th century, above all thank to Saint Martin, bishop of Tours and founder of Marmoutier Abbey in Vouvray).

During the Renaissance, chateaux bloomed in the Loire Valley, and the region became the economic and artistic centre of France. Tours, Amboise and Blois became prosperous royal cities. The stone extracted from our caves, former quarries of tufa stone, became a big business. Here are some of our most prestigious chateaux, just for pleasure : royal château of Amboise, royal château of Blois, château of Chambord, château of Chenonceau, château of Azay-le-Rideau, château of Chaumont-sur-Loire, château of Cheverny, château of Langeais, château of Menars, château and gardens of Villandry, Château-Gaillard mansion, Clos-Lucé mansion, château of Sully-sur-Loire, château of Valmer, château of Saumur, fortresses of Loches and Chinon and so many others ! Let’s talk also about some religious buildings such as Fontevraud Abbey and the Tours Cathedral. 

These abandoned stone quarries naturally became wine cellars, where shade, coolness and humidity are major assets to preserve to keep our precious beverage. Some smaller quarries became cave dwellings (troglos), so characteristic of our Loire Valley heritage !

Since year 2000, the Loire Valley has been listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, as Exceptional Cultural Landscape, including historic cities and villages, great architectural masterpieces – the numerous chateaux – and cultivated lands, revealing the interaction between people and nature (the Loire itself, the vineyards and the gardens).

In 2010, the French Gourmet Meal is also listed as Immaterial World Heritage by UNESCO. The tradition of “well eating” and “well drinking”, choosing the best food and wine for very important or special events is recognized a French specificity ! 

So our caves are the symbol of this interaction between History, Art, Wine and gastronomy…

Some famous quotes

« We are what we eat. »

~ Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

« I think that Joy comes to people there where one finds good wines. »

~ Léonard De Vinci

« The wine is th emost healthy and the most hygienic of drinks »

~ Louis Pasteur

What client say?

Ministère de l'intérieur - L.CH

Par le présent message et au nom de notre direction générale, je tenais tout particulièrement à vous remercier pour l’accueil qui a été réservé à notre délégation le 16 mai 2019 lors de notre visite aux Caves DUHARD. Ce déplacement au sein de votre magnifique domaine était un ravissement pour l’ensemble de nos délégués qui ont apprécié l’accueil qui leur a été réservé. Ce moment privilégié passé au sein de votre cave a concouru à véhiculer une excellente image de la France auprès de partenaires étrangers attachés à toutes ces valeurs. En vous renouvelant nos remerciements pour l’ensemble de ces attentions, je vous prie d’agréer, Monsieur Mineau, l’expression de ma considération distinguée.


Accueil très sympathique, expérience oenotouristique plus qu'intéressante, possibilité d acheté vins, salaisons et huiles produites dans la région.... à faire !

Very Nice

Impeccable hosting and welcoming ! Interesting visit and tpo of the notch tasting ! We recommand the detour. It was a real present...ideas for celebrations and holidays!

What a happiness !

To do absolutely, at least to know a rather rare job. The visit was nice, but the tasting was totally extraordinaire. Advice, anecdotes, good time with good wine. The Loire Wines are not the most known, and that is a shame ! The Caves Duhard should make you change your mind. Go there if only just for an hour of pure pleasure shared with passionate people !


It changes of the habitual visits. Thanks to them, I learned to taste the wine like a pro. Thank you. Very good products to taste with very pleasant persons.

Nice cave !!!

Really nice cave, really good hospitality, tasting with anecdotes on wines and its heritage!!! Really good visit.

Informed advice and nice choice of flasks

A visit of the caves followed by a wine tasting with informed advice and a little bit of cheese to munch on between each glasses. Explanations of tasting and on the aging of the wines. Nice choice of old bottles, perfect to offer oneself wines of a particular year. Reasonable rates.